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Diagnostic Services

Pet Diagnostics Services

The Art Museum Veterinary Center affords state of the art diagnostic technology for diagnosing your pet. Veterinarians rely on various advanced diagnostic procedures and lab tests to gain a complete picture of your pet’s health.

Diagnostic Services

If a wellness exam reveals potential concerns, our advanced diagnostic equipment helps us make a complete and accurate diagnosis which we will discuss with you and answer any questions. Some of our diagnostic services include…

In-House Laboratory:

Having an in-house laboratory makes it easy for us to treat ill pets more swiftly as well as detect conditions such as intestinal parasites, urinary tract infections, Heartworm disease, Lyme disease and Feline Leukemia. It also allows us to screen healthy pets before lengthy surgical and dental procedures requiring general anesthesia. Performing annual and bi-annual routine blood tests allow us to detect early signs of conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease, or simply provides a baseline for future reference.

Blood Analyzer

Veterinary Radiographs:

Pet x-rays help our veterinarians diagnose internal problems within your pet’s organs, bones, and joints. As an extra precaution, images are reviewed by an on-call, board-certified veterinary radiologist.

Veterinary Ultrasound:

At AMVC, we can perform abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds.  Ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves to give us a visual of your pets internal organs, completely pain free. This allows us to detect less obvious diseases that may not show up on x-rays or an external exam. Echocardiograms are special ultrasounds designed for the heart and can display the functions of the entire cardiovascular system in real time.

Ears, Eyes, and Skin:

Sometimes, information about your pet’s health can be relayed by simply checking the external areas of the body. Ears, eyes and skin require special care and the right tools. AMVC is perfectly equipped with the latest tools necessary to handle these special areas.